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Kinetic Business SD-WAN Solutions

A private cloud network designed to optimize application performance, reduce costs and simplify overall network management.

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What Is SD-WAN? Own your Network

A Software-Defined Wide-Area Network (SD-WAN) provides unprecedented visibility into bandwidth utilization at an application level. It also dynamically routes traffic, according to business policies, to the clearest and fastest path leveraging all available connections improving the performance of applications while reducing bandwidth usage.

Why Is SD-WAN Good for Business?

Bundle less expensive broadband connections for speed without CapEx, and delineate your business data and network with a software-defined WAN.

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  • Get real-time network intelligence through MyWIN Business, our online management and insights tool that visualizes trends in application, circuit and device usage, providing a deeper analytical look at how business locations are performing

  • Features out-of-the-box configuration and policies tailored for small and midsize businesses

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  • Optimizes bandwidth to enhance performance and experience

  • Delivers immediate efficiencies with pre-configured policies or the ability to customize and prioritize applications according to business needs

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  • Creates a virtual private network on top of existing connection points

  • Encrypts all network traffic for security in a borderless environment

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  • Supports the increasing use of cloud-based applications

  • Meets ongoing business needs with rapidly activated circuits

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  • Active/active failover across all locations

  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee and 24/7 monitoring

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