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We're gonna need a bigger pipe

Using yesterday's Internet in today's connected businesses is like fighting a forest fire with a garden hose. All those devices, cloud-based apps and video conferences. Your poor little old Internet just can't keep up. Get ahead and stay ahead with Gigabit Fiber Internet. All the speed you need to win today and easily scalable for tomorrow.  

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  • Fiber-delivered Internet with speeds up to 1 Gigabit  

  • No data caps—work without limits  

  • Static IP addresses available 

  • Symmetrical download and upload speed options  

  • 24/7 support and 30-day satisfaction guarantee 

Gig Fiber Internet

Stronger, faster connections to the people and resources you rely on every day. That's Gig Internet from Kinetic Business. And that's advantage: you. 

Promotional price valid for 24 months.. Requires 24-month agreement.

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Wireless Internet

Get automatic failover to a wireless Internet connection backed by a 99.999% uptime SLA. 


Blend all your daily communications tools into one system that’s easier to use and manage. 



Simplify multi-site network management while reducing costs and eliminating network downtime. 

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Kinetic Business by Windstream:Limited-time offer. Offer available for new customers only. Subject to availability. Promotional price requires a 24-month commitment. After promotional period, standard rates apply. Promoted price includes up to 1 Gbps Fiber Internet based on speed qualification and dynamic IP. Business Class Internet: Windstream cannot guarantee speeds or uninterrupted, error-free service. Speed availability, capabilities and provisioning vary depending on network and terrain conditions, Internet, website, or network congestion, and customer geographical location. Windstream makes no representations related to download or upload speeds. Windstream assumes no responsibility or liability for interruption of services or service performance differences actual and advertised performance. In select areas, includes Internet transport, Internet access, and unlimited incoming calls. Outbound calls, except for toll free and 911, will be charged at 10 cents/minute. Operator Service and 411 will be charged at tariffed rates. No features or long-distance carrier rates allowed. Kinetic Business Internet Speed: Monthly fees may apply. For speeds over 25 Mbps, services are provisioned in a range including a minimum and maximum speed. Windstream will provision customer’s location for the fastest speed available within the available range at the time of order but cannot guarantee speed or uninterrupted, error-free service. Equipment: $10 equipment fee may apply. Windstream-provided modems will be capable of in-business wireless networking, but devices supported by in-business wireless networking connections may experience speeds not equal to advertised speeds or the speed referenced in your High Speed Internet plan. With wireless networking, actual throughput speed may be impacted by several factors including interference from other equipment or devices at the location, distance from the modem, modem location, number and types of devices connected, physical obstructions, and time of day. To obtain advertised speed, connecting a device directly to the modem to provide a wired connection is recommended. Modem equipment must be returned upon termination, and if not, Windstream reserves the right to charge for the modem or a $100 fee.